World’s first rotating skyscraper soon to rise in Dubai

Another distinctive structure will grace the skyline of Dubai by 2020.

After building the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall and biggest man-made island, the city of Dubai will soon introduce the planet’s first rotating skyscraper, which will give residents 360-degree views.

The Dynamic Tower Hotel, is an 80-storey, 420 m-tall tower which is the brainchild of Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture. The first of its kind tower can rotate in both directions and will allow residents to program their apartments to move alongside with the sun.

“Hotel guests will be given the unique opportunity to shape the building and choose their view, thus redefining completely luxury in the hospitality sector. In doing so, they will also design the building and the skyline of the city.”

Aside from the tower’s rotating capability, it will also use voice-activated controls to adjust the speed or stop the movement of the unit. It will also be completely self-powered utilizing wind turbines located between floors and solar powers placed on the roof. The tower will reportedly generate 10 times more energy than it uses.

Expect to shell out at least $4 million to be a resident of the world’s first rotating tower and have access to elevated gardens, swimming pools and an elevator that will takes guests’ car directly to their apartments.

The project was initially planned in 2008 but plans were put on hold before construction could start. The tower is set to be ready by 2020 to coincide with Dubai’s World Expo.

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