Europeans sees Duterte as “Hitler in The Making”

Duterte’s strong devotion and advocacy of interests of his country regardless of the effect of any other nation, is reminding the Europeans their tragic and traumatic political past. Because of this, it would really matter that they would pawn any effective communication strategy against the monstrous image of the President, to prevent their political history be repeated.

Duterte is the kind of President who is charismatic, popular and strong willed. The very reason why Europeans are anxious about his personality is that, Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, Roamnia’s Ceausescu, Russia’s Stalin and Yugoslavia’s Miloševic possessed the same qualities. These people name are linked to be great humanitarian disasters in European history.

Europeans derangement about having to experience a charismatic, strong-willed and populist leader has gotten into their psyche. Any leader that would possess or in any way similar to these potentials would automatically be judged by them according to what happened in their history, would automatically awaken suspicion, disgust, and eventually condemnation. As Antone Christianson-Galina said in “Why the war on Bashar al-Assad never happened”: “When any leader of the free world is faced with a ‘Hitler,’ the only rational choice is to depose the ‘Hitler’ before he destabilizes his region or commits a genocide, for example. Dictators who are successfully put into this Hitler mold often do not stay in power for long (eg. Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi).”

Hitler is the most popular to the non-Europeans among the mentioned. It persisted as a fresh wound to Europeans the mass killing of the Jews who fought for the racial hygiene policy of the authoritarians. Rejecting that the Devastation happened could get ask you for a penalty or imprisonment in some European countries.

Former President Benigno Aquino comparing Duterte to Hitler became significant as he used his influence as a President and a son of the woman widely recognized by world leaders as a champion of democracy.

It rang dread in Europe when Duterte said he would be happy to slaughter three million drug addicts just like Hitler killed three million Jews. But this is to mocked his critics who had been comparing him to Hitler. But the Europeans however took this seriously. The presume that Duterte really wants to follow the footsteps of Hitler. And as Christianson-Galina said, when faced with a Hitler, the ‘free world’ immediately thinks “he has to go.”

The same statement of Duterte was shown in the evening news in the Netherlands. They even included it a question in a popular quiz show in the country. Duterte, nonetheless visited a Jewish synagogue in the Philippines to apologize but it was never broadcasted.

Duterte’s political enemies are taking advantage of Europe’s trauma of Hitler to put dirt to his external integrity. They continually linking the Presidents name to mass killings, to Hitler and crimes against humanity.

The In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDefend), an Akbayan-aligned Filipino non-government organization, held a talk at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague on April 12, 2017. IDefend spokesman Budit Carlos distributed a brochure entitled “Duterte’s War on the Poor”. The heading “Enabling Genocide” is found inside the brochure. It is all about invocations against Duterte and everyone in his back.

It was asked and pointed out to Mr. Carlos the definition of “genocide” which was defined to be an act to destroy national, ethnic, racial, or religious groups. Under the leadership of Chito Gascon, iDefend was got an award on May 4, 2017 despite the lies it is propagating.

The liberal imperialists in Europe became stalkers of the anti-Duterte forces in the Philippines whose statements contains the most terrible kinds of words for the president, and describing him in a way that would anger further and remind the Europeans how a leader that is charismatic, popular and strong- willed leaders rule.

Dr. Dante Ang, the newly appointed special envoy of the President for international public relations, should engage with Europeans who understands context and are worn out of the liberal imperialist agenda. This a good communication strategy to counter this issue.

Source: Manila Times

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