De Lima defends Uson: Don't use her past career, relationships or sexual history to malign her

Detained Senator Leila de Lima recently became defensive of Mocha Uson, the newly appointed Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office against people who "slut-shame" her.

Mocha Uson has been bashed for her alleged lack of qualifications and her background as a sexy star and sex guru.Despite being a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, De Lima who was previously lambasted for her alleged relationship with her body guard, Ronnie Dayan.

De Lima, who also accused her oppositors of stepping on her womanhood after talk of her alleged sex video was spread by Congress members who also suggested that it be projected on a hearing.

“I would be the first to defend her against attacks that focus on people’s perception of her character or morality, based on what she used to do for a living.

I would ask people not to slut-shame her, to use her past career, relationships or sexual history to malign her, to subject her to misogynistic attacks or any other form or ad hominem attacks for that matter. Those things are personal to her and that is between her and her God,” the senator said in a statement.

She said she saw something in herself in Uson.

“I was once a simple, private citizen who suddenly given the chance to devote myself – my time, my education, my professional skills, my passion – to the service of our countrymen. So in a way, I know how excited, honored and perhaps, apprehensive Ms. Uson is to prove herself worthy of the trust given to her. Therefore, I sincerely wish her all the luck,” she said.

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